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Fonoti Brothers

Pop~RnB~Soul~Dance Singers + Songwriters

If Maroon 5 had two Adam Levines who both jumped on steroids and got a tan “The Fonoti Brothers,” Yacob and Noah, would be the result. But don’t let the pop package fool you, this duo has depth and intelligence. Take a bunch of catchy tunes reminiscent of Bruno Mars and One Direction then mix them with the darkness of Lorde and you have Yacob and Noah Fonoti. 
The Fonoti Brothers YouTube Channel currently has 1.3 million views. This generated a U.S. Manager and several label offers back in 2012 that ultimately didn't work out. Since then Noah went on to audition for the X Factor receiving a “Yes” from all four judges, however the producers didn't feel he was the right fit for the show. Red Foo loved Noah’s originality and connection while Ronan Keating called him a breath of fresh air. Yacob spent the last two years gigging constantly, improving as an entertainer and expanding his song catalogue which gives the Fonoti Brothers their uniqueness from other artists. 
Music is in the family for Yacob and Noah. Their father, Toni Fonoti, is a New Zealand Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame artist. Toni was the visionary behind the first ever New Zealand reggae band “The Herbs.” The boys have been singing together all their lives and both make a living doing it professionally; but the last two years produced notable growth as they decided to explore solo careers, which clarified what each has to offer individually. Noah is the smooth, suave showman of the group - a Bruno Mars or Miguel type - while Yacob has a darker side, a male version of Lorde, with his writing style heavily influenced by Brian Wilson and Eminem.
With “Fonoti Brothers” you get two real musicians presented in a pleasing pop package. Their uniqueness is not just in looks, background or nationality but in their music and lyrics. I believe that these two boys haven’t even scratched the surface of what’s to come in their bright careers.

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