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-Our Story-


Whether you’re in town for a wedding, a work-do, or a roadtrip north, no self-respecting blow-in could stake their claim on this beachside village without having tackled a T-bone, kissed a canetoad, or mislaid hours on the dance floor at the IronBar. 


Quite frankly, you haven’t been to Port Douglas if you haven’t been to the IronBar.

Bang in the middle of the main street, the IronBar is pretty much synonymous with “ripper of a good time”, whether as a restaurant, bar, state-of-the-art gaming lounge or mecca for social shenanigans.

By day, a popular dining destination, the IronBar’s steakhouse menu features a lip smacking range of your favourite Aussie pub style eats.


An esky-cool bar provides welcome relief from the tropics, with a range of Australian and imported beers.  Shoot some pool, chew the fat with the locals or simply watch the world pass by.

Expect the unexpected after dinner, as the IronBar transforms into a battleground for the Far North’s most pestilent and most virulent beasts.


Welcome to Nicky G’s Cane Toad Racing Spectacular!


Celebrated affectionately as “dubiously ethical”, “unashamedly politically incorrect”   “amphibian debauchery at its finest” and “side–splitting bogan mischief for the whole family”,  this is what Iron Bar memories are  made of. Please note that none of these little beasties are injured in the course of the evening’s entertainment!


Kiss a toad, take home a trophy…and maybe take the kids home at this stage too...because the good times are just starting to kick in…


Iron Bar blitzes into the epic oasis of nightlife in Port Douglas. Tropical beats, sophisticated cocktails, and cosmopolitan characters mingle in a seething, heaving fever of comedy, regret, style, and adventure! Choose your groove, across a variety of of indoor and outdoor spaces, with the perfect balance of dance floors, quiet corners, accessible bars, and street space. Our decks play host to a mix of live and spun music (as well as dreadful karaoke) while an eclectic mix of locals, visitors, royalty, backpackers, celebrities, wedding parties, cane toads and sporting teams brings an unpretentious and enduring Aussie atmosphere where everybody is welcome, everybody is friendly and...